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About Us

Bos Plastik Ambalaj produces Low Density and High Density Polyethylene products in many product groups such as Plastic Bags and Packaging Products.

Our Company It is a manufacturer and exporter of Rolled Garbage Bags, Printed and Without Printed Carry Bags, Agricultural Films, Shrink Film, Heavy Duty Bags, Medical Waste Bags, Soft Handle Shop Bags and similar products.

While we produce a large amount of our products from "Recycled" plastics, we produce with first class raw materials in line with the demands.

In our recycling department, none of our products are thrown into the environment, we produce new products to be used in many areas by recycling them.

We produce Roll Garbage Bags with our "Pb Probag" brand, Shopping Bags with our "Ege Star" brand, we bring our products together with our dealerships and wholesalers in the country, and meet the needs of our customers in many countries abroad.


As Bos Plastik Ambalaj, our mission is to supply our valued customers with quality, durable, affordable and fast products with our experienced production staff.


Our future target is to keep customer satisfaction ahead, to be a pioneer in recyclable products, and to produce high production in international quality standards by having product types that do not threaten human health and are environmentally friendly. 

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