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Stretch Film | Shrink Film

If you are looking for a good supplier, you are definitely in the right place. Bos Plastik Ambalaj provides products that meet your needs and delivers your order to you as soon as possible.

Şeffaf Örtülük Naylon Clear Centerfold Cover

Transparent or Colored Films

Single layer production up to 300 cm width and double layer production up to 150 cm width is made.

Mulch Film - Strawberry Cover Film

Mulch (Strawberry) Cover

Production is made in desired micron values up to 150 cm width.

It almost totally UV rays resistant, preventing the proliferation of weeds, protecting and optimizing crops successfully.

Shrink Film - Food Cover Film

Shrink Film

It is a product that can be vacuumed with the help of heat or suitable machines.

*The usage area in the image is common and representative.

Bos Plastik Streç Film_edited.jpg

Pallet Stretch Film

Available in 17 and 23 micron.
It is flexible and extremely durable.
Please contact for more information.

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